2019 Coaching Staff 

Brian Cheng, Head Coach

Coach Brian has been head coach of the Stonegate Serpents since 2005. He coaches the National Developmental Group and Advanced Juniors for Rockville Montgomery Swim Club’s (RMSC) MLK site, where he’s also the administrative coach, and is a physical education teacher at Twinbrook Elementary School. This will be Coach Brian’s 35th consecutive year as a coach and/or swimmer in the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL); many of those years have been spent swimming and coaching alongside his little sister, Coach Anna. Coach Brian is a newlywed, and he says he’s so appreciative of how welcoming the Stonegate swim family has been to his wife Danielle! Brian is looking forward to another great summer alongside fellow Serpent coaches Anna, Brady, Aaron, Cassie and Ryan, as well as meeting many new Serpents! “Go Serpents!”

Anna Cheng, Assistant Coach

Coach Anna has been an assistant coach of the Serpents since 2009. She began coaching in MCSL in 1998 and also is a head coach at RMSC’s MLK site. Growing up, Coach Anna swam in MCSL for 13 years, for RMSC for 11 years, and for Our Lady of Good Counsel High School for four years. When she’s not coaching, Anna is a kindergarten teacher in Rockville and teaches group and private swim lessons. Anna, the sister of Head Coach Brian, is also a proud mother of two boys, 16-year-old John and 14-year-old Justin. She says she feels blessed to work with children throughout the year and that coaching, teaching and being a mom are her true passions.

Ryan Gruner, Assistant Coach

Coach Ryan, 17, will enter his senior year at Springbrook High School in fall. He’s been a Serpent since he was just 5 years old and also swims for his high school team and in RMSC’s National Training Group at MLK. Next year will be Ryan’s second year as captain of the Springbrook HS swim team. Besides swimming, he likes making pottery, going out with friends, and playing video games. “My favorite part about being a Serpent is that I get to connect with so many people and enjoy the summer team experience as a family,” he says. “As a coach this summer, my goal is to make a positive impact on the team by helping with team events and by teaching swimmers.”

Brady Ott, Assistant Coach

Coach Brady, a 2018 graduate of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, swam for the Serpents for 13 years, and this will be his third year as a member of the coaching staff. Coach Brady is studying psychology at Montgomery College and is excited to be headed into another summer swim season. “I’m hoping to continue putting my love of and dedication to swimming forward to the interests of young swimmers,” he says. 

Cassie Sanidad, Assistant Coach

Coach Cassie, 18, swam for the Serpents for 10 years before heading off to Juniata College last year; she will return to the Huntingdon, Penn., college in September for her sophomore year. In addition to her time as a Serpent, Coach Cassie is a veteran of RMSC and ASA and now swims for Juniata’s team (Go Eagles!). Her other interests include psychology and art. This summer, as a first-time coach for the Serpents, Cassie is looking forward to being a leader for young swimmers. “I remember what an influence the older kids on the team had on me when I was a young Serpent,” she says. “I love the solidarity and community that we have.” Coach Cassie isn’t the only Sanidad you’ll see around the pool this summer. Her two sisters, Brie (17) and Mandy (14), and brother, Eric (12), are on the team, and both her parents are active volunteers. 

Aaron Stanton, Assistant Coach

Coach Aaron is a 2018 graduate of Blake High School who just finished his first year at Williams College. At the Williamstown, Mass.-based college, he is studying environmental studies and is a member of the swim team. Coach Aaron, 18, has been a Serpent since the age of 7, and this summer will be his final one swimming for the team. “One thing I love the most about Stonegate is the family that we built here that goes beyond swimming,” he says. Coach Aaron is excited to return to the staff this summer because he loves seeing the team continue to improve and wants to give back the knowledge he’s gained over the years. His goal? To get all the kids he coaches into a meet by the end of the summer, swimming at least two strokes. 

2019 Team Representatives  

Your Team Representatives

Team representatives serve a variety of purposes for the Stonegate Serpents—including being a resource for parents who need information about the team. We can answer questions about practice and meet schedules, the difference between “A” and “B” meets, which volunteer positions are beginner level and which require some training or certification, how to become a certified official, what to bring to the Friday night potluck, where to buy team gear (and less expensive practice suits), and a whole host of other issues. We’ve been around a while, and we’re here to help as much as we can—or to point you in the direction of help. 


A Meet Reps

Eileen Lamb, Tommy Lang, Theresa Curtis

A Meet Reps

Theresa Curtis theresacurtis48@gmail.com

Theresa will be shadowing as an A meet rep this summer and will take over full-time in 2020 when Eileen Lamb retires from the position. The Curtises first joined the Serpent family in 2009 when the eldest Curtis, Jackie, was just 5 years old. Theresa and her husband, Patrick, have three swimmers on the Stonegate team: Jackie, now 15, will be a junior at Blake High School in the fall, 13-year-old Camille will be a freshman at Blake, and Cooper, 9, will be a fourth-grader at Stonegate Elementary School. Theresa is really smart, works harder than most, and still has time to run long distances in a seemingly effortless manner. She can make any number of Filipino dishes, but her specialty is a tasty, grilled salmon.   

Eileen Lamb eileennl@aol.com

Eileen’s family has been involved with the Serpents since 2006. Her husband Tom serves as head timer on Saturday mornings, and their three daughters have swum on the team: Caroline, 19, is a former assistant coach for the Serpents and just finished her second year at the University of Virginia; Shannon, 17, will be a freshman at Tulane University in the fall; and Amy, 14, will enter Blake High School in September. This is Eileen’s last year as an A meet rep; she looks forward to people not running from her next summer in fear of being signed up for something.

Tom Lang tlang@moagandcompany.com

Tom and his wife, Erika, have been members of the Stonegate Swim Club since 2011. Their son, Ben, joined the Serpents that summer and promptly missed his first ‘A’ meet because his parents didn’t know what that meant except that they had to wake up early on a Saturday. They were soon enlightened and haven’t missed a Saturday since!Ben is now a rising junior at Montgomery Blair High School; in addition to swimming for Stonegate and Blair, he swims year-round through RMSC and can be seen regularly in one of the lifeguard chairs.Tom and Erika also have two daughters: Molly, who is 13 and will return to White Oak Middle School for eighth grade in the fall, and Cameron, 10, who attends Stonegate Elementary. Molly can be found all over social media, while Cameron is the one who wears glasses.


B Meet Reps

Hillary Jackson, Ilia Rodriguez

B Meet Reps

Hillary Jackson hilljax@yahoo.com

Hillary’s family has been involved with the Stonegate Serpents since 2012, when she and her husband, Matt Jeffery, decided it would be the best way to meet people and make friends at the pool (they were right!). Sometimes referred to as the “Jefferacksons,” Hillary and Matt have two swimmers on the team. Eve is 13 and can be easily spotted by her pink/purple/blue hair and/or the book in her hand; she has survived middle school and will be a freshman at Springbrook High School in the fall. Harry is 11 and tries to make a pun out of everything (he’s sometimes successful); he’ll move up to Briggs Chaney Middle School in September. Fun fact: Hillary, who also answers to hilljax and sometimes gets caught wearing slippers in public, is 5’2”. Thought she was taller? It’s her BIG personality (that’s her story, anyway, and she’s stickin’ to it…)! 

Ilia Rodriguez eirodriguez@verizon.net

Everyone needs a partner in crime, and Ilia is Bonnie to Hillary’s Clyde when it comes to everything B meet-related. The Rodriguez family joined the Stonegate Serpents family in 2013. Ilia and Eric have two kids, Gaddi and Aila, but only one swims for the team. Gaddi, a rising senior at Blake High School, decided to golf when his little sister Aila picked the Serpent life, so enough about him. Aila, a three-year veteran of the team, embarks on middle school life in the fall as a sixth-grader at Farquhar MS. Ilia is very smart and extremely dedicated, but she's...shall we say...tech-challenged (please don’t ask her to do anything tech-related). More importantly, Ilia is a lot of fun and very approachable; if she ever gets too serious, just offer her a dirty martini and she'll be fine. Also, we need to make I-Rod a thing.