2018 Coaching Staff 

2018 Coaching Staff

Brian Cheng, Head Coach
Coach Brian has been head coach of the Stonegate Serpents since 2005. He's also administrative coach and head coach of Advanced Juniors for Rockville Montgomery Swim Club's (RMSC) MLK site and a physical education teacher at Twinbrook Elementary School. Coach Brian has been a Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) coach and/or swimmer for the past 32 years; many of those years have been spent swimming and coaching alongside his little sister, Anna. Brian is looking forward to another season of fun with family and friends at Stonegate this summer.

Anna Cheng, Assistant Coach
Coach Anna has been an assistant coach of the Serpents since 2009. She began coaching in MCSL in 1998 and also is a head coach at RMSC’s MLK site. Growing up, Coach Anna swam in MCSL for 13 years, for RMSC for 11 years, and for Our Lady of Good Counsel High School for four years. When she’s not coaching, Anna is a kindergarten teacher in Rockville and teaches group and private swim lessons. Anna, the sister of Head Coach Brian, is also a proud mother of two boys, 14-year-old John and 12-year-old Justin. She says she feels blessed to work with children throughout the year and that coaching, teaching and being a mom are her true passions.

Caroline Lamb, Assistant Coach
Coach Caroline is a 2017 graduate of James Hubert Blake High School who will be a freshman at the University of Virginia in the fall. A swimmer on the Serpents since she was 7 years old, Coach Caroline also has played field hockey and lacrosse and run track. She says she’s always loved the spirit and sense of family on the Serpents. “I’m excited to meet new swimmers and make this season a success and as much fun as possible.”

Brady Ott, Assistant Coach
Coach Brady will be a senior at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in the fall and has been a member of the Serpents swim team for 10 years, since he was 7 years old. He’s also a year-round swimmer with Rockville Montgomery Swim Club, a member of the advanced seniors group at the MLK site. Coach Brady, who will swim on the team and coach this summer, calls the Serpents his second family. “I love swimming, and I am really excited to pass my love on to the kids I am going to coach.” When he’s not in the pool, Coach Brady likes to play other sports and hang out with his friends.

Rachel Sigwalt, Assistant Coach
Coach Rachel will be a sophomore at Howard Community College in the fall. She is a member of the school’s lacrosse team, and she’s a diehard Serpent. A Stonegate team member from the time she was 3 years old, she’s got one more season in her until she ages out after this summer. Coach Rachel says the team is a family to her and she can’t imagine summer without everyone involved with the team. “Being a part of Stonegate, whether it’s swimming or coaching, means everything,” she says. “I have built lifelong friendships and bonds with so many people while swimming.” Coach Rachel is looking forward to coaching because she’ll get to know all the swimmers individually and make sure everyone enjoys it as much as she did growing up. “Go Serpents!!!”

TBD, Assistant Coach